OEKO-TEX® passport

Puratex® has its own OEKO-TEX® passport! On this page you can read exactly what this means.

How does one receive a OEKO-TEX® passport? 
The renowned Hohenstein Institut in Germany tests products and materials for harmful contents. When a product meets certain standards, it receives a quality mark. In the case of Puratex®, this goes one step further. Puratex® comes into contact with substances, but also people, animals and our environment. The Hohenstein Institut therefore takes an extra strict look at Puratex®, and they do this every year. Last year, Puratex® again passed with flying colours and has once again obtained an OEKO-TEX® passport. The only one in the Netherlands!!

Why is this important?
There are many impregnating agents on the market, but you often do not know how these products are made or which substances are used in them. With Puratex® you do know this. Puratex® is made on a water basis and modified silicon (a form of sand). Puratex® is:

  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Not harmful to humans
  • Not harmful to animals
  • And does not affect the furniture fabric

The fabric itself is not influenced by Puratex? So.. how does it work? 
Puratex® applies a thin layer around the fiber and makes it less easy for liquids and dirt to penetrate. This layer wears off over time through normal use, which is why we recommend refreshing the contact areas every six months. For example, with a corner sofa, most contact is made in the corner of the sofa. In this case, an armrest on the side makes less contact with the skin and therefore needs to be treated less frequently.


Puratex® protection:

You will find the Puratex® impragnating agents in: 

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