General tips

On this page we give you four tips that apply to ALL furniture, regardless of what material they are made of.


Tip 1: pets
Pet nails damage furniture. Scratches don't look nice and getting your furniture dusty is a shame! Even the best fabrics and most robust leathers cannot withstand the 'treatment' of our best friends. So.. be careful!

• Tip 2: temperature
Too much heat is harmful to all upholstery. Foam fillings deteriorate in quality due to too much heat. Therefore, never place furniture too close to heat sources. Can't avoid placing a sofa in front of the radiator? Make sure that there is sufficient space between the floor, radiator and furniture, so that the air can circulate properly.

• Tip 3: light
Light changes materials! This concerns light with a high UV radiation, such as sunlight. It causes fabric, leather and woods to fade. Therefore, try not to expose furniture to direct light. In this way, premature fading is prevented.

• Tip 4: humidity
Excessive humidity is not good for seating furniture. If the value is too low, for example, will dry out. Wood can deform, foam can change. In short, it is important to ensure a healthy living environment for people, animals and furniture. A humidity of 45-55% is recommended for living rooms, the ideal temperature is between 18-21 degrees Celsius.



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